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Mr. Shakeel Ahmed Mohammed Yunus, a reputed Builder and social worker.

Being in business of Architecture and Construction for more than 2 decades, he has remarkably made his name in South Mumbai, Shakeel Ahmed, as a sincere and honorable Builder, famous for his social work. Being a businessman, he is also an adventurer. He likes excitement very much, so he has had a very interesting adventurous life so far. Here are some of the special thing he has done. If you are not so familiar with this man, read on!

Born in 1966, he grew up in old Bombay with traditional and religious values. Received his education up to graduates in same locality, where in future he established his name far than one would have recognized then. B.E. from Civil Engineering, Architectural or other related Construction work, he made all his jack, to be master in the business. Initially, started as Architect, into getting plans and project passed from authorities, and working for big Construction houses of 90’s and so on.



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